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HSE provides the customer his professional experience, managerial, technical and organizational coordination of staff and services. Our services are diversified and designed in such a way as to meet the needs and budgets of each customer. The ideal support for: Corporate events Fairs and Events Promotions Venissage and Openings Airport Service Transfers cars and bus Business dinners Special Events




Rental car and bus

The service is entrusted to partners holding a wide range of new vehicles, modern, that offer guarantee and comfort, reliability and safety.
Rent a car with driver representation for the transfer of group or individual.
Professional drivers with many years of driving experience and along the way, with utmost seriousness and responsibility.
Fleet of vehicles: buses, minibuses, minivans, cars and saloons of the era.



The service employs professional chefs with years of culinary experience to prepare personalized menus depending on the type of event and the location of the location.
Passion for hospitality and creativity are the secret to surprise the eye and please the palate. Specializing in "food design" and with a wide range of menus to "kilometer O" and the use of organic products.
In harmony with the environment, fittings and decorations are refined, floral arrangements entrusted to the expert hands and creative.
Traditional materials (ceramics, silver, glass) but also the proposal of natural materials and environmentally friendly disposable (wood, bamboo, paper, corn husks) and design.


Other Services

• Distribution free-press (box to box)
• Rental Truck Sailing with the driver or parked
• Assembly material and manual folding and enveloping
• Gadget, Print
• Web site